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Eclipse: Book 3

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Eclipse Book 3
The Unity War has ended, but the seeds of division lie within as Oasis struggles to incorporate the former territories of Caporia, Banzen, and East Banzen. Opportunistic politicians backed by dark sources rise to power in the wake of fear making Carver a target of the Agency’s new administration.
A shadowy figure deals a biological weapon to the remaining cells of the terrorist group the Red Dawn and an old enemy resurfaces bent on revenge. Alone and on the run, Carver must unravel a conspiracy to save the lives of thousands and preserve the foundation of Oasis.
As Carver engages in the deadly game of cat and mouse with the Agency, a distant signal from an old friend who is being pursued by a relentless killing machine on a devastated planet warns of an ancient threat lurking in the depths of space. A threat that has turned its eye toward humanity. 

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